Big Changes for Fleming & Curti: We Moved!

Well, we made it. As many of you know, there are big changes happening at Fleming & Curti. We moved into our new offices over the weekend, after nearly three decades in the same spot. We’re now settling in at 1745 East River Road, Tucson, Arizona, and it feels really new in a really good way.
Such a big step only happens with a ton of support. So many people helped us get to this point in time at this particular place on the planet. We’ll never know all of the contractors and subcontractors and their employees who lent a hand, but we really do appreciate the efforts of all of them. We do know a lot of them, and we’d like to send out a big thank you to:
  • Jeff Casper of CBRE, our real estate agent, whose persistence and patience made everything possible.
  • Architect Raul Reyes, whose understated style makes brilliance look effortless.
  • Designer Annie Lewis, of Buzz Isaacson Realty, who managed create a space where our old stuff meshes beautifully with the new.
  • Tile artist Carly Quinn, who created the one-of-a-kind tile art for our bathroom, kitchen backsplash and coffee bar.
  • Brian Crowley, Nadia Dhanani, and Amanda Jacobson of Tucson Business Interiors, who furnished all the “new” items of furniture and storage.
  • AlbinaAnderson of Andrson’s Office Furniture, who gave us a great deal on a gazillion chairs.
  • Wayne Even of Anything Wood Inc., who crafted our coffee bar.
  • Alison Daubert, who helped us with marketing to update our materials and spread the news about the move.
  • Charlie Morris, Richard Miller, and crew from Central Alarm, who wired up a modern security system.
  • Arizona Sound and Light, who ran a million feet of wire — and mounted our TVs!
  • First Digital Telecom (especially Jere Christensen) who moved a mountain of dirt to provide fiberoptic cable for speedy internet.
  • Kym Fuhrig from Ruby Begonia, who designed the office greenery.
  • Attorney Jeff Neff, who helped out with the lease.
  • Josh White of Boundless Design & Marketing, who updated the website.
  • The movers, Delivery Doctors — six guys, two trucks and a ton of hustle.

The Main Agents of Big Changes

We especially need to thank G&J Development, lead by Garett Cunningham, who turned out to be the perfect partner to bring Annie and Raul’s vision into reality. It’s tough to say good-bye to the Thursday morning meeting regulars from G&J: Drew Jones, Mike Kennedy, and Juan Maldonado (what can we say, cheers to you, you did it & we’ll be enjoying your work for years — we can never thank you enough). rom time to time, others would come by each week to weigh in and add their expertise. Special thanks to:

  • Alex Cuestas and the electrical crew (everything’s possible & those dimmers make all the difference!)
  • Plumber Mike Nadolny of Catalina Mechanical (we will never use pumice stone, promise!).
  • Brad Mitchell of Mesa Fully Formed on countertops (perfection!).
  • Tim Osborn on doors (a solution to every.single.challenge).
  • Oscar Acedo of Aztec Floors on tile and flooring (you got it done–beautifully).
  • Walter Arvisu of Arvisu Painting on paint (such dedication!).
  • Colby Darragh of The Specialists (window tint and door film)
  • Debbie Cargen (who kept us on top of the bills).

Almost last but absolutely not least, our landlord, Town West Realty, who provided the brilliant architect Raul Reyes, plus support and cooperation (particularly the so very efficient and kind Debbie Horvath), which made it all much easier than we ever imagined.

And saving the best for last: the Fleming & Curti staff. Thanks so very much for your hard work, patience, and overall good cheer. Big changes can be hard and scary, but everyone embraced this step with grit and grace. There’s no better team around.
Here’s to the next chapter of Fleming & Curti! Cheers to you all!

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