Tucson Elder Law Attorney

We are committed to helping seniors, individuals with disabilities, and their families and supporters make informed choices guiding them through some of life’s most important decisions. That may mean estate planning, special needs planning, guardianship, conservatorship, long-term care planning or probate. As Tucson Elder Law Attorney (s). That’s what we know.

Private Fiduciary Services

In select cases (and usually when there is no other good alternative) we act as trustee, personal representative or agent. We handle financial and life decisions, prepare tax returns and keep interested parties in the loop.

Our Attorneys

Robert B. Fleming
Thomas A. Curti
Amy Farrell Matheson
Elizabeth Noble Rollings Friman

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  • Curti regularly conducts useful CLE programs for lawyers in area related to trust administration and estate planning and is highly regarded.

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  • Fleming is an outstanding lawyer in the fields of trusts and estates, estate planning and elder law, and most lawyers in this community refer matters to him or call upon his expertise on a regular basis.

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  • Wonderful people who helped us through a very trying time.

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Tucson Elder Law Attorney Newsletter

  • Cremation wishes

    Assuring Your Burial or Cremation Wishes Are Followed

    Do you have specific burial or cremation wishes? Perhaps you have explained those to your family. Maybe you have written them down. You might even have made the arrangements — and paid for them in advance. Will your family — and the funeral provider — follow your wishes? Funeral/burial law varies by state First, we…

  • Guardian ad litem

    Appointment of “Guardian Ad Litem” Terminated by Court

    An Arizona guardianship and conservatorship case involving a Disney heir seems to have stumbled to a conclusion. It took six hotly contentious years and (reportedly) millions of dollars in legal fees. The case involves interesting legal issues and intense family drama. One side issue: the appointment of a “guardian ad litem”. What is a guardian…

  • Divorce decree

    Divorce Decree Modifies Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation

    Elder law and estate planning — which is what we practice at Fleming & Curti, PLC — doesn’t usually include divorce and family law issues. Sometimes, though, the two practice areas overlap. As, for instance, when a divorce decree effectively changes an estate plan. ERISA preemption Before we tell you our story this week, we…

  • Per Stirpes

    Meaning of “Per Stirpes” Becomes Dispute in Texas Case

    Perhaps you have seen the term in a will or trust: “per stirpes”. What does it mean, and what difference does it make? A recent Texas Court of Appeals case addresses the term — and also gives us an opportunity to tell an interesting family story. William Lewis Moody, Jr. For our purposes, the story…

  • UTMA Accounts

    UTMA Accounts: An Easy Way to Make Gifts to Minors

    The holidays are upon us, as is end-of-the-year tax planning. You’re thinking about making a gift to your granddaughter, who is 14. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple way to make a gift to a minor? We have good news for you: let us explain UTMA accounts. You say UGMA, we say…