1745 E. River Rd.

1745 E. River Rd, Suite 101, Tucson, AZ 85718

That’s our new address: 1745 E. River Rd, Suite 101, Tucson, AZ 85718. We move in this month. We’re very excited.

We’ve explained the upcoming move before. While we have been in the same location for over a quarter century, it’s time to move on. We need more space, and we want to be closer to our clients.

What’s the effective date?

We’re all but moved in. Final touches are going in to the space now, we have keys and regular access. But our desks won’t be set up (and our reception area ready for you) until February 25. We’re already redirecting our mail to the new address.

If you have an appointment with us in the next couple weeks, you’ll still come to our old address on Granada Ave. But we’ve already reduced the number of appointments between now and our move date. Turns out that the Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows are in town during our move, and it’s already pretty hard to get to our old office.

In the meantime, feel free to drive by and look at our new signs, the entry and the general location. But we won’t be there to show you around just yet.

What about the dogs? And the breadmaker?

Don’t worry. Odin, Duncan, the breadmaker and the fantastic coffee machine are all making the move with us. Odin and Duncan have checked the new place out pretty thoroughly, and they are both reserving final judgment. But they both enjoy a new adventure.

When we get fully moved in, we’ll hope to see you in the new office. One of the things about the new space: we will be able to have our regular Trust School sessions onsite. So if you’re a client you’ll be getting invitations to join us in our scheduled seminars.

What about the history?

You may know that our old office was a home, built almost exactly a century ago by a Tucson pioneer named Charles Hinchcliffe. He also built the three houses across the street (and north of our old office), plus what has sometimes been described as Tucson’s first “motor court”.

We’re losing that history, but taking on some other Tucson history. Our new digs are in the Joesler Village. While that complex is relatively new (it was built just about the time we first moved into our old offices), it is based on the work of the early Tucson architect Josiah Joesler. He began working in Tucson just after our old office building was completed, and this new incarnation of his style is true to that early building ethic.

So, please:

Now’s the time to update your rolodex (or contact database). Our new information:

Fleming & Curti, PLC
1745 E. River Rd., Suite 101
Tucson, AZ 85718

1745 E. River Rd second picture

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