“The Dead Have Rights, Too”

We really like Tennessee lawyer Tim Takacs. His bi-weekly online (and e-mail) newsletter was one of the original inspirations for our own Elder Law Issues, and he has provided his clients and his readers with interesting, up-to-date and informative reading material for nearly two decades now.

Tim’s last-week Elder Law Fax addressed an interesting topic that we have touched on before here: who is in charge of decisions about and care of the dead? In the Tennessee case Tim reports on, the human remains in question had been buried in a family cemetery decades or centuries before, and there were no descendants to protect or care for their graves. Could the remains be moved to make room for a new owner to develop the property? That’s the issue he tackles in The Dead Have Rights, Too.

Interested in more on the subject? Check out our own articles taking on the burial/human remains issues.

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