We usually charge hourly fees. Each staff member involved in a given matter keeps track of his or her time, and bills at a predetermined rate. The normal hourly rates charged by each staff member are:

  • Robert Fleming, Attorney–$320/hr.
  • Thomas Curti, Attorney–$320/hr.
  • Amy Matheson, Attorney–$300/hr.
  • Elizabeth Noble Rollings Friman, Attorney–$300/hr.
  • Jacquelyne Mingle, Attorney–$300/hr.
  • Bill Howsden, Case Manager–$150/hr.
  • Jessica Gregg, Case Manager–$150/hr.
  • Norman Roundy, Case Management Coordinator–$135/hr.
  • Kathleen Kreuzer, Senior Legal Assistant–$160/hr.
  • Heidi Hauschild, Legal Assistant–$160/hr.
  • Kathy Foss, Legal Assistant–$150/hr.
  • Susan Kellner, Legal Assistant–$150/hr.
  • Gabriela Storm, Legal Assistant–$150/hr.
  • Ying Tang, Certified Public Accountant–$150/hr.
  • Carol Romano, Financial Assistant–$120/hr.
  • Yvette Moreno, Financial Assistant–$100/hr.
  • Shelby Stanley, Financial Assistant–$100/hr.
  • Jason Clark, Financial Assistant–$100/hr.
  • Ashley Cooper, Financial Assistant–$100/hr.
  • Nicholas Davis, Financial Assistant–$100/hr.

Work is billed in segments of .1 hour for each activity. Hourly fees are billed each month. We do not bill for ordinary postage, copying, long distance, and other telephone expenses. We do, however, bill for costs we have advanced for things like court filing fees, certified copy charges, publication costs, recording fees, deposition costs, and service of process charges.

Flat Fees:

We charge for some activities at a flat rate, rather than hourly. This is intended to provide clients with certainty about the final fee, and to encourage clients to make contact as necessary (without worrying about increases in the bill for each contact). Our initial consultation fee of $400 will be applied to any of the flat-fee services listed.

We are willing to quote flat fees in most cases. We welcome your discussion of flat-fee arrangements. All fees are subject to the specific facts of the case. The fee on a specific matter may change after time and file review. Any changes to fees will be made in writing. Our usual flat-fee charges for uncomplicated matters are:

Will Preparation (including powers of attorney)

  • Single person–$775
  • Married couple–$975
  • With trust provisions–$1,200-$1,750 (or more, depending on complexity)

Trusts (usually including pourover will and powers of attorney)

  • Simple (single or married)–$1950-$2750
  • Special Needs Trust as part of Estate Planning–$2,500-$3,000

Other Estate Planning

  • Arizona Beneficiary Deeds–$475 each
  • Other Deeds–$275
  • Powers of Attorney–$400
  • Home Visits (Initial Interview or Signing)–$250 each visit

Decedent’s Estates   

  • Affidavits for Collection of Personal Property–$375
  • Affidavit of Succession to Real Property–$1,275
Decedent’s Estates 
  • Probate proceedings–$2,000 minimum; hourly billing plus costs (unless flat fee arrangements have been discussed)

Conservatorship of Minors

  • Establish Conservatorship (before settlement approval)–$3,000 plus costs
  • Special Needs Trust–Add $2,000
  • Withdrawal of funds from Court-Controlled Account–$675 minimum; hourly billing plus costs
  • Emergency Petitions–Add $500

Guardianship and/or Conservatorship of Adults

  • Guardianship/Conservatorship–Hourly billing plus costs
  • Emergency Petitions–Add $500